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Windsor Festival welcomes international games giant as Festival Partner



Windsor opens up a story trove of British National Treasures



Education, like no other discipline, gets people debating across all walks of life. Say has been immersed in the education space for over 12 years and is passionate about devising and implementing campaigns that really place its clients at the heart of this conversation.

The sector is currently going through a challenging period. Our ‘know-how’ of how these issues impact our clients coupled with our strategic and creative approach to education PR drives success for our clients and ensures that they reach their target stakeholders ranging from schools, further education, higher education and government agencies to individual teachers, parents and officials.

Our expertise in media relations, professional relations and public affairs is underpinned by our understanding of corporate positioning, brand building and launching products and services into the education sector. We advise clients from all aspects of education; education technology and service suppliers, language providers, charities, professional development, graduate recruitment, skills and training organisations

With Say. Education, there is no learning curve, we know your market.

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