LyondellBasell Industries (LBI)



LyondellBasell (LBl) is the world’s third largest independent chemical company and is a global leader in plastics. It has over 30 years’ experience in the development of ‘clean petrol components’ to improve air quality. The company produces biofuels for blending into petrol from two plants in Holland and France.

Each major EU country has introduced targets to achieve the use of biofuels as part of its energy supply. This presented LBl, relatively unknown in the UK, with an opportunity to establish itself as a key player and influencer in UK biofuels. Say’s assignment was to develop an effective UK advocacy programme so that LBI would be consulted on relevant policy issues.


LBISay undertook an ‘arena analysis’ to determine the prevailing policy and regulatory framework, identify the key players and the strategic developments likely to impact on LBI’s interests.

The next step was to develop an advocacy programme. This involved producing written submissions to parliamentary enquiries on biofuels, participating in parliamentary groups and liaising with trade bodies. Say also negotiated sponsorship of an influential conference and a meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Renewable Transport Fuels Group, addressed by the Minister for Transport.

Briefings were organised with the shadow ministers for energy and transport which led to a request for LBI to comment on the development of Conservative Party policies on the low carbon economy.


LBI is now recognised as a key player in biofuels in Europe and its views have been acknowledged in parliamentary reports. During a period when a fairly hostile view of biofuels was prevalent, Say provided a reliable analysis of the key issues to the government, opposition, non-governmental and industry stakeholders on behalf of LBI.

Client verdict

“Say’s expertise has helped the government and other stakeholders come to see LBI as a key commentator on the implementation of the EU’s new directive on Renewable Energy.”  LyondellBasell