Boosting QinetiQ’s profile in a new business sector



Say Communications was briefed to run a six month campaign for FTSE250 company QinetiQ, with the specific remit of developing its profile in the energy and environment (E&E) sector. Say’s challenge was to reposition the company from being purely focused on the military and security sectors and to proactively promote its expertise in the E&E market.


Say worked closely with QinetiQ to develop a series of media-friendly messages that all campaign activities grade2_073would align to. Outlined in this plan was the need to continually stress the transferable nature of QinetiQ’s defence and security expertise into the E&E market while highlighting the value of QinetiQ’s wide experience.

Say created and managed news-driven mini-campaigns around the topics of wind farm radar mitigation and next generation electric vehicle batteries, securing numerous opportunities for comment and coverage.

Key journalists were identified and a series of face-to-face briefings with QinetiQ’s lead E&E spokesperson were arranged. Relevant E&E publications were targeted for the placement of thought leadership pieces, resulting in eight articles being pitched, drafted and published on subjects ranging from the future of the UK’s energy infrastructure to eco aircraft manufacture.


Say significantly boosted QinetiQ’s profile and credibility in a new business sector, building a solid foundation for future opportunities and growth in E&E. QinetiQ underwent a dramatic increase in its media profile and subsequently received a number of sales and partnership leads that are directly attributable to the company’s increased profile in the E&E market. Say generated coverage with an AVE of £351,159, over ten times the size of the project budget. 

Client Verdict

To produce the results they have in a six month period was a testament to Say’s dedication to identifying and capitalising on every relevant opportunity, while ensuring that our core messaging of transferable expertise and innovation is promoted as widely as possible. As a result, our profile within the E&E market has risen considerably, which makes it that bit easier when tendering for new business and talking to potential partners.” David Bishop, Head of External Communications, QinetiQ